How We Got Here

Once upon a time, innovators and anyone with the idea for an online business were restricted to the networks and talent pools that surrounded them. From developing and designing a website, to integrating a database, to creating meaningful page content and social media presences, you could only go as far as the staff that you could find nearby. While some found success in this restrictive environment, many creative thinkers were forced to limit the scope of their dreams until a better solution presented itself.

Fortunately, that solution has emerged over the past few years. With the advent of everything from free video conferencing tools, to better Internet connectivity in all corners of the globe, to collaborative tools and platforms that let teams brainstorm and plan together from multiple continents at the same time, the remote workforce has emerged. Now, anyone with a great idea, a great work ethic, and the interest in finding similar creative minds can connect with fellow innovators across the globe to create new, meaningful, and life-changing products, platforms, and ideas.

The only thing missing were convenient, reliable platforms for networking and connecting talented remote workers with companies and inventors looking for them.  A place where people would no longer be restricted by physical geography and economic limitations when developing the next big thing. And that’s where we come in…

Who We Are At Together

We are a company that truly believes in the limitless possibilities that are emerging in a world where collaborating and creating are no longer restricted by physical location. We want to serve as the platform for connecting innovators and companies in the United States to nearshore workers who are ready, willing, and excited to get to work on programming, development, design, and anything else you may need to get your product or business built and out to market.

We have a few key principles that drive our existence and the work that we do to make these connections happen:

  • We believe that tearing down the physical barriers between different parts of the globe is the best way to also tear down cultural and social barriers. When we work with like-minded individuals from around the globe, we learn just how great people from every corner of the world can be.
  • We think that US companies looking to diversify their outlook and their workforce can best be served by a platform like ours, that allows those companies to step outside their local environments and workforces and find the best talent the world can produce.
  • We are inspired by the potential of new ideas, innovations, and initiatives that can be produced by exposing smart and motivated people from different societies to each other

What We Can Do For You

Whether you are simply an individual with a great idea, or a project manager or associate for a company looking for a great place to find new talent to deliver better results, we can help you bring your goals to fruition. Aside from making connections, we can:

  • Help you search for, identify, and interview top talent from Latin America and the nearshore remote workforce to find potential collaborators and builders for your needs
  • Help you get your own job opportunities and project needs out there, for nearshore talent to come find you
  • Help you build a team that can collaborate, communicate, and create as well as anyone in the world, all from the comfort of your home and office
  • Help you see your idea become more than just a theory or a hypothetical, and to do so for affordable rates that let you compete with big businesses or more resourced competition

What You Can Expect From Us

Aside from a commitment to helping build networks, collaborations, and hopefully some friendships, we also take pride in offering the following results to our users:

If you are a nearshore developer, designer, or programmer:

  • The chance to get your name out there to major U.S. clients
  • The chance to find exciting opportunities to hone and utilize your skills with some of the most exciting innovators and companies in the world
  • The chance to build your own work experience, skills, and technical talents by working on a variety of projects that are no longer limited to those in your country or region
  • The chance to receive feedback, training, and teamwork experience to help you eventually create your own product or company someday

If you are a domestic company looking for top nearshore talent:

  • Access to a broad, deep, and talented workforce that offers endless technical and creative talent at significant discounts from the domestic talent pool
  • Opportunities to increase diversity of thought, opinion, and culture in your company by connecting with outstanding nearshore talent
  • The ability to see your ideas finally come to their long envisioned conclusion, no matter how big or small your plans for disruption or creation may be